CE SERTIFIOITU PPE (EU) 2016/425 & EN166:2001


Suojaa silmät, suun, nenän 
ja hiukset julkisilla paikoilla


With the innovative Raimo BBD you can discharge big bags containing free flowing materials quickly, effectively and precisely. Raimo BBD makes working with big bags flexible. It helps replacing small bags with cost-effective big bags.

The original Raimo

  • Raimo BBD saves the hassle of slicing the bottom of the bag. No need to operate the spout under the bag.
  • Raimo BBD can be attached on the bottom or the side of the bag.
  • Raimo BBD is reusable and will last for years. It can be removed from an empty bag to a full one.
  • The flexible extension tube is removable which enables lowering the bag on the ground.

Suitable materials
for Raimo BBD

Fertilizers, seed, grain, malt, beans, coffee, nuts, gravel, wood and other pelleted products, animal feed, industrial chemicals and minerals, carbon granules, plastic etc.

Raimo Big Bag
Dispenser is

  • Robust but light
  • Built to a high specification
  • Designed for multiple use and storage of remaining material in the bag
  • The ideal waste saver for big bag use – makes precise use possible
  • Usable with big bag, bulk bag, FIBC, super sack and ton bag

Raimo BBD was first designed to help farmers handle big bags
and farmers just love it.

Use of big bags has become more versatile and Raimo BBD is now used in discharging big bags carrying a great variety of materials in various industries.

Raimo BBD is the most sold product in the world in its category and also a test winner.

Raimo BBD is a very cost-effective, precise and practical system for unloading big bags.
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