The dispenser can be attached on the side, close to the bottom of the bag. You can also attach the Dispenser to the bottom of the bag about 5-10 inch from the side of the bag, to secure safe working position.


Always make sure the big bag is attached securely to the forks or rack.
Do not put YOUR HAND inside the Dispenser
Keep out of reach of children
There is possibility that same bulk bag linen yarn will remove and flow with the material.


  • Ensure the locking ring is fully screwed on to the main part with the printed side facing the bag.
  • Remove the guard protecting the cutting blades
  • Take a firm grip of the main part handles and push the cutting blade through the bag liner. Keep valve closed.
  • Screw the main part until the locking ring touches the bag.
  • Turn the locking ring until the Dispense is locked into place.
  • Attach the extension tube (If needed), just twist it.
  • Detach the extension tube before lowering the bag to the ground to store unused material.
  • Operate just open-close the valve
  • WARNING! Sharp cutting blades! Do not put YOUR HAND inside the Dispenser


  • Remove extension tube
  • Twist the locking ring, open clock vise
  • Remove the main part
  • Place the protecting guard

Do not use or not work properly:

  • Material is not free flowing e.g. cement, flour
  • Material what is hardened e.g. moist sand
  • Where bag linen yarn can have harm for process
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